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Discover the incredible benefits that Seamly2D offers you to create your patterns quickly and efficiently

Simple and Intuitive

Seamly2D offers quick access to main features of the pattern creation process.

No Restrictive Licenses

Create and store patterns on your computer. You own your work 100%. You can share and sell the patterns, make clothes, whatever!


Save Time

Creating your patterns on the computer is faster and more efficient, make adjustments and corrections without waste.


Configure Seamly2D according to your needs for maximum performance.

Community Support

Be part of a large community of users, ask questions and improve your knowledge.

Try New Ideas

With Seamly2D you can create and adapt patterns to test your ideas without the need for paper.

International Forum

Sign up to learn Seamly2D and discuss with patternmakers from around the world!

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Simple or extremely complex projects. Divide the project into several parts to facilitate the work. Patterns automatically adjust according to the body of your customers. You find all this and much more at Seamly2D !!!