Best Instruments to Make Raglan Sleeves

In my previous blogposts I forgot to mention one more advantage of using Valentina Patternmaking Software – a friendly multilingual Valentina forum community. Should you have any question or idea (concerning patternmaking difficulties, compatibility problems, etc.) you may write it immediately to the forum and receive almost immediate advice, solution or support.

For example, this week I have been striving to find the topic for my following blogpost. And suddenly I’ve discovered a discussion about the best way to draw a raglan sleeve in Valentina. Actually, there are several methods to do that, and it will take me many hours to tell about all of them.

But now I would like to show how easy it could be to implement one of raglan construction method in Valentina.

So, I have pattern pieces for back and front bodice.

And a pattern piece for a usual set-in sleeve.

Then I just draw my raglan part on the bodice (I have an arched raglan).

And use “Move Object Tool” to move this raglan part to the sleeve.

And finally I use a “Rotate Object Tool” to glue my raglan part to the cap of the sleeve.

I repeat the same with the front pattern piece and draw four additional curves to finally shape my raglan sleeve.

Here is my raglan blouse in Details Mode.



And here is the final result.

5 thoughts on “Best Instruments to Make Raglan Sleeves

    1. Kim March-Force

      I misspoke. I thought I saw a dress, when in fact the beautiful garment is a blouse. This would look well with striped pants or black or white. Add a skirt and it will make a travelling wardrobe

      1. svirskaya84

        This is a pure cotton blouse, but not for a travelling wardrobe. I would say, this is a part of a kid’s playground wardrobe )))

  1. S.L.Spencer

    Hi @benjisaccaggi!

    You need Windows 8, Mac OSX 10.10, or Ubuntu 14.04. Versions for Arch linux and Suse linux are also available. What’s your operating system, and what are your system specs?

  2. jenny

    Is this still an open source project or has it transferred into ownership? What or who is Seamly2D or Libre fashion? I am confused as to what is what ? I know Libre is an opensource community and organisation ? But what is Seamly 2D – who are they and what are they.

    Some transparency please.


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