BONDANO: Friendly protection for you and your friends.

Mar 14, 2021

FFi member Frankie Cotton wears a BONDANO mask made from a GNU-Radio t-shirt

Many of us have roommates who are essential workers. To show support for them and maintain those friendly bonds, we wear masks at home. So we need multiple masks that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and that can be easily laundered. When your masks look friendly, not clinical, that makes home life so much better!

FFi’s BONDANO mask can be made from a t-shirt that expresses your humor and values so you can appear friendly and communicative even while your face is hidden. The BONDANO absorbs moisture and has a comfy fit — your face won’t be sweaty and you won’t get tension headaches from elastic ties. The BONDANO is easy to pull up over your nose when you need it, and easy to pull down and wear around your neck when you don’t. Plus BONDANO is quick and easy to make, and super easy to wash and dry. Download our BONDANO pattern from here.

So enjoy your Tuesday night board games with your roommates. Wear your mask. Drink your beer. Stay safe, and have fun.

Frankie and roommate Nick Conklin prefer beard-length BONDANOs

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