COVID-19: Easy Wear Patient Gown pattern, Community call to action

Mar 14, 2021

Protect yourself, family, and caregivers during the upcoming months of corona virus crisis. Create easy-to-sew easy wearing patient gowns for a safer recovery environment.

Stay cool and reduce risk.
Create patient gowns for you and yours.

In the current global COVID-19 virus epidemic, we’re advised to wear fabric face masks, practice social distancing, and frequently wash our hands.  But what should we do to prepare for recovery at home?

Between 55% to 65% of persons affected by COVID-19 are expected to recover at home or in a non-hospital setting. To prepare for providing care for yourself and loved ones, make sure you have several changes of lightweight clothing. Clothing that helps patients stay cool will contribute to lowering their fever. Clothes that are easy to put on and take off reduce the physical contact required between patients and caregivers. Patient gowns are the best choice. They even reduce risk from laundry — they’re lightweight, they wash and dry quickly, and can be tied up in a small plastic bag for the trip to the laundry room.

In contrast to fabric face mask patterns, we were able to find only a few downloadable patient gown patterns on the internet. We sewed the ones we could find and decided we should create our own. We created a sewing pattern that fits reasonably well for comfort and is very inexpensive because it is designed to be created from a bedsheet. It’s also easy to cut and sew — we want beginning sewists and seamsters to succeed with this project. Our basic aim at FFi is to improve the world by improving fashion. This month we’re super happy to have improved the patient gown pattern supply with our Easy Wear Easy Care Patient Gown [renamed to KIMOWNO, see post here. We believe you’ll happy with it, too.

FFi’s Easy Wear Easy Care Patient Gown is an easy made-to-measure pattern. You only need one measurement. You don’t need pattern software and don’t need to tape together letter-sized paper to create pattern pieces. It’s so simple, just follow the directions in the PDF. If you don’t have a bedsheet or enough fabric for this project you can order inexpensive bedsheets or fabric from many online stores including Target (US), Poundstretcher (UK), Joann (US), (EU), IKEA (everywhere?), and other online stores.

The Easy Wear Easy Care Patient Gown pattern and instructions are licensed with Creative Commons’ Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) open source license. If you’d like to contribute to this project or join the FFi team contact us at We’re looking for new team members to help grow our 22K+ global community. If English is not your native language that’s a plus!

Stay safe! And send us pics of the Easy Wear Easy Care Patient Gowns you create. It’s a great way to protect yourself and build your basic sewing skills. Send photos and info to We love hearing from you!


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