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The Problem

Current industry players still use old code bases to power their software. These software programs do not connect their production patterns to their 3D environment. Others provide a platform for virtual fashion design, but those designs are not usable in games, films, apps, or other spaces in the virtual fashion metaverse. Users of these programs must use up to seven different software programs to create the required physical and digital end products for each garment design they create.

Seamly is Different

Seamly quickly and easily empowers any size fashion business to transform its business model, to start generating higher profits, while also providing access to the virtual fashion and gaming skins market to expand the visibility of their brands and create new revenue streams. Seamly is easy to use and affordable!

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How it Works

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Unique Approach, Maximum Flexibility

By applying lessons learned from the computing industry and computer-aided design (CAD) industry, Seamly provides digital fashion products that are connected to the production patterns, creating a single digital thread. Our unique approach enables designers to export products directly in a variety of outputs including gaming skins and virtual fashion, images for online catalogs, social media graphics, and in formats usable in films, games, and apps.

Seamly uniquely supports all the aspects of the new business model that the fashion industry is seeking in an affordable way. It doesn’t require lengthy training. Unlike our competitors, Seamly is interoperable with existing systems.

Seamly software provides a host of benefits to our users. Our software:


Redefines garment production from design through manufacturing, for physical and digital products.


Maximizes creative possibilities by integrating 2D, 3D, and Mixed Reality.


Enhances creativity, reduces lead times, eliminates Victorian pseudo-science, and enables collaborative re-sizable patterns.


Incorporates circuit layout, use of new tech fabrics, and enables efficient design of advanced smart fashion tech clothing.


Connects physical products directly to digital products through our digital thread by applying lessons learned from CAD and computer technologies

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Seamly Software | Open Source Pattern-Making

Seamly is an open-source fashion design software that allows fashion design agencies of all sizes to create patterns quickly and easily.