Over the last few years I have developed a passion for creating costumes for a local community theater in northern Alabama.  The most recent show that I have been involved with is the musical, Evita.  Evita is a story about Eva Perone, the first lady of Argentina for a few years in the 1940s.  Evita was a beloved icon to many of the people in Argentina.  The stage play offers many challenges to a costume creator.

The show opens with the announcement of the death of Eva and from there is a narrated “flashback”, illustrated in live song and dance.  Sometimes the intent of a costume is not to stand out, as shown in this crowd scene of the ensemble song “Requiem”


The story progresses and the young Eva wears a bright red floral print custom made from a commercial pattern.


The ensemble appears in several scenes and one member of the chorus needs a dress from a custom drafted pattern to fit her body and match her style.  The chorus member on the far right in the black and white 40’s (ish) style dress with the sweetheart neckline fits visually into the ensemble and her voice adds to the overall beauty of the show.


The custom drafted pattern was done by hand with a pencil, ruler, french curve, and medical exam paper to create the pattern.  This way is cumbersome and time consuming.  A second, similar dress was drafted for the same actress with Valentina and future blog posts will illustrate how a resizable pattern for chorus members will be developed.