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Best Instruments to Make Raglan Sleeves

In my previous blogposts I forgot to mention one more advantage of using Valentina Patternmaking Software – a friendly multilingual Valentina forum community. Should you have any question or idea (concerning patternmaking difficulties, compatibility problems, etc.) you may write it immediately to the forum and receive almost immediate advice, solution or support.

For example, this week I have been striving to find the topic for my following blogpost. And suddenly I’ve discovered a discussion about the best way to draw a raglan sleeve in Valentina. Actually, there are several methods to do that, and it will take me many hours to tell about all of them.

But now I would like to show how easy it could be to implement one of raglan construction method in Valentina.

So, I have pattern pieces for back and front bodice.

And a pattern piece for a usual set-in sleeve.

Then I just draw my raglan part on the bodice (I have an arched raglan).

And use “Move Object Tool” to move this raglan part to the sleeve.

And finally I use a “Rotate Object Tool” to glue my raglan part to the cap of the sleeve.

I repeat the same with the front pattern piece and draw four additional curves to finally shape my raglan sleeve.

Here is my raglan blouse in Details Mode.



And here is the final result.

Colorblock Dress Pattern with Seamly2D

You cannot even imagine how easy it is to make a pattern for a colorblock dress like this in Seamly2D Patternmaking System. 
All you need is to have a basic dress pattern and to choose a suitable increments.
Valentina will recalculate and refresh the basic pattern itself based on the data you feed to it. 
If you need to transfer the darts you may do that in one or two clicks.
If you need to mirror your pattern, you may easily do it at any time
 You may contruct any sizes and shapes using a wide range of Seamly2D instruments
And may enjoy the pattern pieces in the Details Mode
Very easy and convenient, isn’t it?

Me and Valentina

Did you like my recent blogpost about the Duffle Coat pattern in Valentina? I hope, you did! Now let me introduce myself and tell you why I’m a “Valentina geek”.

My name is Yulia, I live in Minsk, Belarus and I’m a former investment banker upshifted to a bespoke tailor several years ago. I’m obsessed with sewing and currently release one to five garments every day (yes, every day). I work with individual customers (bespoke tailoring), with various designers (rtw and capsule collections), have some charity sewing projects and respond to a new challenge for me – pattern making and sewing lessons.

That’s why, paper-pencil-eraser is not for me (it is good for lesser volumes, but not for my workload). I might choose any pattermaking software, but stopped at Valentina in 2013 and since then have been enjoying using it for my business.

It is free and open-source, so I don’t have problems with the way I use it: I may freely create patterns, store them on my computer, sell or freely distribute them, share my patternmaking activity via Skype, Youtube, webinars, etc.

I can use any patternmaking system or method (Mueller&Son’s, Bunka’s, ESMOD, any them), I can even invent my own way of patternmaking feeding Valentina with any measurement, increment or formula.

Measurements… I can upload and store any measurement I want, link them with a customer, add comments on body peculiarities, etc, and they won’t be lost.

And the most useful: when I tackle with rtw garments of various sizes or similar type of clothes for different customers I need to create the exact pattern only once for one customer or for one size. And then everything I need is to feed measures of another customer or size to Valentina and it will create a new pattern based on the new data automatically (you see A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y).

I will not describe all patternmaking ‘must-have’ features like generating layouts, adding grain indicator of pattern name, automated splitting of pattern layout for A4 tiles, friendly support and forum community, etc. Actually, I hardly can say what the latest version of Valentina is missing.

I’m here to promote Valentina to the professional society and if you are still looking a patternmaking software just stop, follow http://valentina-project.org , download and try Valentina. I guarantee, you will like it!