The Wholebackstage Theater produced the musical Evita recently.  This show required a representation of military uniforms suggestive of the 1940s era in Argentina.  Creating this look on a budget posed some challenges.


It turns out that stage magic will make the optical illusion of matching costumes work to create the enhance the dancing talent of the military characters in their appearance as synchronized marching enforcers.

In another number, the military characters play a game of “musical chairs” with the character of Perone winning the final chair as a symbol of his rise to political power.musical-chairs-cropped

The military hats were created starting with authentic US Army and Navy surplus hats that were donated to the WBS over the years.  A simple canvas cover was created out of an appropriate color to make the hats match the color of the available uniform jackets.  The pattern for the hat cover was created using the valentina software and is available for download at This and other patterns are available to registered members of the Valentina Forum.


Decoration of the military hats was accomplished with a combination of authentic US military hat ornaments and whimsical touches such as red grossgrain ribbon.  What made the Evita show military crew special was the talent of the actors.